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Stearns & Foster Powerbases


Stearns & Foster Powerbases

You can enhance your sleep experience by adding one of these Stearns & Foster powerbases to your mattress purchase. They're great for if you like to read, watch TV or simply relax in bed. The easy-to-use remote lets you adjust your mattress to the perfect position for winding down or sleeping.

Product Details

Reflexion® 7 Powerbase

  • Gives you the power to easily adjust the position of the mattress.
  • Creates the perfect space for working, sleeping or just kicking back.
  • Dual wave massage function with three programmed settings.
  • Features an under-the-bed nightlight.
  • Controlled by a wireless hand remote.

Reflexion UP Powerbase

  • Adjusts the head of the mattress up to a 60-degree angle to create a comfortable sitting position.
  • 30-second full lift response time and one-button function to return to a flat position.
  • Simple-to-use wired remote.
  • Quiet operation.