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Sealy Powerbases


Sealy Powerbases

Adjustable foundations are a great way to further customize your bed set. You can easily adjust the position of the mattress for comfort when reading or watching tv in bed. Elevating the head and feet can also ease pain and improve circulation and elevating just the head can reduce acid reflux and snoring.

Product Details

Reflexion UP Powerbase

Wired Remote - Enables you to move your head up or down.

Down and Flat Buttons - Compatible with most standard bed frames.

Optional Legs - No bed frame required (purchase separately).

15-Year Limited Warranty - Provides you with peace of mind.


Reflxion 4 Powerbase

Wall-Glide Design - For snug fit against any wall.

Wireless Remote - You can adjust the base wirelessly.

Dual Wave Massage with Three Programmed Settings - Soothing massages help relieve sore muscles.

Under Bed Night Light - Makes it easier to see around the bed.

Four Programmed Position Settings - You can customize to your comfort.

15-Minute Auto Timer - Automatically shuts off.