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Queen Bed vs. Full Bed

Whether you're choosing a new bed for your bedroom or a guest room, it's important you find the one that is both comfortable and fits appropriately. While both full and queen size mattresses are bothpopular mattresses, they each offer distinct advantages and drawbacks you should consider before you make a decision. Your choice should be based on various factors, including the number of sleepers, room size and desired sleeping space.

Full Size Beds

Queen Size Beds


54 inches 60 inches


75 inches80 inches

Recommended Bedroom

Average-sized bedrooms Larger bedrooms

Height of Sleeper*

Shorter sleeperTaller sleeper

Suitable for Couples

Less suitable More suitable

*Refer to the Mattress Buying Guide for more information.

Full Size Beds


Advantages of Full Size Beds

  • Easy fit in small bedrooms - A full size bed is ideal for small or average-sized bedrooms where space could be limited. It makes a great compromise for older children and teenagers that require more sleeping space, but might have a small room.
  • More affordable bedding - Since its dimensions are smaller than other mattress, full size bed sheets and other bedding tend to be more affordable than ones for larger mattresses. Also, the frame is less expensive because full beds typically don't require middle support posts.
Limitations of Full Size Beds
  • Less sleeping space - While you might be able to save space in the bedroom, it might not provide the necessary sleeping space in terms of width or length, especially if you're taller.
  • Less room for two sleepers - Couples might find themselves with very little room to spread out while lying on a full size mattress.

Queen Size Beds

Advantages of Queen Size Beds

  • More sleeping space - Its larger dimensions give you more space to spread out and can even accommodate a sleeper as tall as 6 feet 8 inches.
  • More room for two sleepers - A queen size mattress not only gives one sleeper plenty of room to move around, but it also creates enough space for couples that share a bed.
Limitations of queen size beds
  • Tighter fit in small bedrooms - A queen size mattress might not be the best option in a smaller bedroom. The extra width and length could cause your bed to butt up against other furniture and make moving around the room much harder.
  • Less affordable bedding- A queen size bed needs a special frame that requires middle posts, which makes it more expensive. Also, a queen mattress' larger dimensions require bigger sheets, comforters and other accessories that also cost a bit more than a full size bed.