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How to Buy Jewelry for Men

Besides wedding bands, men usually keep jewelry to a minimum so picking the perfect piece is tough. With so many options to choose from, having a starting point to guide you through buying jewelry for men  will help ensure that you put a smile on his face. From watches to rings to necklaces and more, follow a few simple tips to lead you to the perfect piece for your man.

Keep it simple

When you're buying jewelry for the man in your life, remember that bigger doesn't mean better. He most likely doesn't want the largest diamond on the market or the thickest gold chain. A thin tie clip, a modest set of cuff links or even a lightweight dog tag may be more fitting.  


Consider cultural significance

He may be interested in jewelry to symbolize his commitment to a particular culture or religion. In this case, do some research and find the appropriate piece of jewelry.  


Don't try to change his style

If he doesn't like a particular look, don't force him into it. He simply won't wear the jewelry you've purchased. The best thing you can do is to try to match his personal style. If he loves being active, go with a sporty style; if he usually dresses up, go with something more formal.  


Make sure it's work appropriate

Men who work in an office are often limited in what their workplace considers appropriate. Dress codes don't just include attire; they also cover jewelry. If your man has to abide by a corporate dress code, play it safe with a tie clip, pair of cufflinks or a watch.