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What is Watch Movement?

A watch movement is the powerhouse of a watch that moves the hands and controls the additional features, such as a calendar or dual time zone. Similar to how an engine is the heart of a car, so is the movement of a watch. There are three different types of watch movement: quartz, mechanical and automatic. Quartz is the only type of watch movement to use a battery and requires the least maintenance. Mechanical movement works by winding a spring. The energy from the spring then powers the timepiece. Automatic movement is powered by a rotor that collects kinetic energy from your movement. Watches with automatic movement still need to be wound, but not nearly as often as manual movement watches.

Uses of watch movement

  • Gives you three different watch options to choose from
  • Allows different types of watches to be used with or without a battery
  • Indicates how much upkeep a watch needs to keep running