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Washers & Dryers

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Buying Guides

Washing machines have come a long way. Read about the latest innovations before making a choice.
Buying a dryer for the first time? Or the first time in a long time? This guide is here to help.


When you're looking for a new washer, the first and most basic question to answe...
If you're looking for a new washer and dryer but don't have a lot of space, two options that might w...
When looking at dryers, you'll need to choose between gas- and electricity-powered dryers. For the m...


There's nothing more comfortable than a trusted pair of sneakers. When your time...
If your down comforter gets stained or dirty, you'll be glad to learn that you can clean it in the ...
Bleach is a powerful stain blaster. It cuts through stubborn blemishes, kills germs and keeps your ...
Stacking a dryer on top of a front-load washer is a great way to save space without compromising th...

General Tips

Size matters when shopping for a washer or dryer. Follow these tips when measuring each appliance.
Need some help fixing your washer? Here are three common problems and how to fix them.
Washers & dryers are always changing. Sears Home Services lists 10 new innovations you must have.
Not sure if you want a top- or front-load washer? Sears Home Services lists pros & cons for both.

Product Insights

LG proudly presents the LG Styler, a complete clothing care system.
Enjoy powerful cleaning performance with the Kenmore Elite top-load washer with Accela Wash.
Thanks to PowerWash for and PowerDry, this pair can deep clean large loads and dry them evenly.
The Kenmore Elite pedestal washer lets you wash a large load and smaller load at the same time.