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Treadmills give you a cardio-based workout from your own home. Read which models are best for you.
There are many types of weight sets available. Learn which can help you reach your fitness goals.
A stepper is great for cardio and toning. Find out about the latest types & features that suit you.
Learn the differences between types of ellipticals to decide which is right for your workout.


Free weights & machines offer plenty of benefits. Read which weight-lifting option is best for you.
Free weights help tone or build strength. Learn whether dumbbells or kettlebells work best for you.
Treadmills and ellipticals are great for cardio workouts. See how both machines compare.
Steppers and elliptical trainers each offer great cardio benefits. See how they both stack up.


Get ideas to set up a home yoga room, so you can practice in the comfort of your home.

General Tips

Get your quads, hammies, glutes & more firing with these fun & challenging leg exercises.
Add this bench press variation to work your pecs and triceps in a new way.
When you want to work on forearm and grip strength, then give the dumbbell wrist twist a go.
Get back on your feet after a sports injury with these helpful tips.

Product Insights

Learn how these ellipticals can help you get fit, lose weight and add some fun along the way.
Hit the road, trail or track with NordicTrack Elite Treadmills from Sears.
Whatever your fitness level, see how our selection of treadmills can help you reach your goals.