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Lawn Mowers

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Buying Guides

Find the perfect mower for your lawn and keep your grass looking great.


Not sure whether to use a bag or mulch? Learn about the pros and cons of each mowing method.
Handling is key when using a mower. Read how front-, rear- and all-wheel drive mowers stack up.
Consider these pros and cons when choosing between a riding or push mower.
It's an electric mower showdown. Take a look at how corded & rechargeable mowers stack up.


Oil changes are part of routine riding mower maintenance. Here are the easy steps for doing the job.
Got mower troubles? Might be time to refill the tank with some fresh fuel.
The birds are chirpin' and grass is growing, so make sure your mower is ready for spring.
Learn how to change your push mower's oil so you can keep it running strong all season long.

General Tips

Short grass isn't always the best option for a lawn. Learn what is the proper height for your grass.
The heat can ruin the look of any lawn. But don't worry! We have the tips to keep your lawn lush.
Need help buying a new lawn mower? Learn what factors to consider before making a decision.
If you want to get the perfect cut every time, follow these 7 helpful mowing tips.

Product Insights

These Craftsman® mowers come equipped with powerful Briggs & Stratton® EXi engines, renowned for...
Mowers feature Smooth Start™ Plus so you can start mowing without delay and get finished sooner!
Craftsman's self-propelled My Stride mowers will match you stride for stride as you mow the lawn.