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A Beginner's Guide to Buying a Line Trimmer

A Beginner's Guide to Buying a Line Trimmer

line trimmer buying guide

Whether you're cleaning brush at the edge of your property, getting rid of pesky weeds or touching up after mowing, a quality line trimmer is essential. This handy tool trims those hard to reach areas that a ride-on or push mower can reach. Let's take a closer look to help you find the perefect model.

electric line trimmers

Electric Line Trimmers

  • Corded: Since a corded line trimmer offers continuous power without needing to recharge, it's ideal for clearing weeds around landscaping and flower beds near the house.
  • Cordless: You'll be able to easily trim around trees and other obstacles, as long as you've got a charge.

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gas line trimmer

Gas Line Trimmers

  • When you're trying to clear a patch of heavy weeds, the power of a gas motor is just what you need.
  • Many of the latest gas models tend to have a longer running time than electric cordless trimmers. These deliver both mobility as well as enough power to get the job done without refueling.

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walk-behind line trimmers

Walk-Behind Line Trimmers

  •  A walk-behind model can clear large swaths of land quickly and easily. Plus, its large wheels make this device able to handle rough and uneven terrain with no hassle.
  •  Whether you're dealing with vines, weeds or tall brush, this type of trimmer can chop through it all.  

buying a line trimmer


  • Edger - This attachment is designed to clean up the outskirts of your lawn to polish off your landscaping work.
  • Pole saw - Attaching a pole saw will let you trim thick branches that your line trimmer can't handle.
  • Blower - Once you've trimmed your lawn, use the blower attachment to clean up your lawn of the clippings and other debris to keep your property tidy.
  • Cultivator - With a cultivator, you can work the earth of your new garden to deliver more oxygen so it's ready for planting.
  • Hedge trimmer - The latest hedge trimmers manicure your bushes for a completely clean look.

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  • Starters - Certain models come with a push-button start so you don't have to pull a cord multiple times until it fires up.
  • Anti-vibration - Reducing vibration will reduce user fatigue that can be felt from the engine vibrating down the handle.
  • Lightweight build - Aluminum handles deliver serious durability while remaining lightweight. This feature helps you maneuver the cutting head through tough areas.

Shaft Type

  • Straight - Trimming beneath bushes, in between flowers and around other obstacles is simpler with a straight shaft trimmer. This option is more accurate with movements and heavier that a curved construction.
  • Curved - Open area trimming is simple with a curved shaft trimmer. If you're using the line trimmer to clear a space free of obstacles, you'll enjoy the lightweight design of this shaft.