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Fall Checklist: 5 Yard Tasks to Do This Season

Fall Checklist: 5 Yard Tasks to Do This Season


As the colors of the leaves change to the shades of a golden sunset, it's time to get your yard ready for winter. Fall is the best season to prep your lawn for the cold chill that’s just around the corner. If you get these tasks out of the way, you'll be ready for a full bloom by spring. Divide the chores and allocate a specific time so that there is an efficient process and all aspects are covered. Here are five easy yard tasks to prep your space for the autumn and winter.

Man Raking Autumn Leaves

1. Clean Up Your Lawn

Make sure you keep your yard clean by raking all the fallen leaves away. You can bag these leaves and keep them ready for disposal. You can also use a mower or a leaf blower, which will help to reduce the bulk. These clippings can then be used for fertilization, as they are easy to compost. Clean out all the weeds and turn up the soil while it's still relatively soft.

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2. Trim or Move Your Shrubs & Perennials

Fall is when your foliage turns brown, making it the right time to cut perennials or uproot them completely. If the plants are not diseased you can use them as green waste. Shrubs and trees that have outgrown their areas can be safely moved at this time.

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3. Prepare Your Garden for Winter

All tender plants can be moved into a green house or storage shed. You can tie the branches or limbs of upright evergreens for support and to avoid breakage during a harsh winter. Move your herbs indoors, and preserve them so they'll be ready to use for the holiday season. 

Plant Seeds for a Blooming Spring

For regions where the typically colder months are relatively warm, winter is the best time to plant your seedlings so that they will be ready to harvest the following spring. Spend some time planting a mixture of bulbs for a beautiful bloom next year.

Service Your Gardening Tools

Make sure to service and clean all your equipment to avoid any rusting or glitches. Oil your weed eaters and check your lawn mowers to keep them ready for all sorts of lawn activity during fall. Also, don't forget to roll up and store your hoses and insulate any exposed pipes to stop them from freezing.

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