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What is a Smoker?

Grills 101: What is a Smoker?


A smoker is an outdoor cooking appliance that allows you to cook food at low temperatures inside a temperature-controlled, smoke-filled environment. You can find a charcoal, gas and electric model to suit your personal preferences and culinary needs. If you're not planning on smoking food regularly, you can find smoker boxes that attach to your grill and allow you to smoke foods with ease. Of course, with a temperature gauge on the outside, you won't need to open the it to check on food temperatures, which helps maintain a more constant temperature than using a standard grill with a smoker attachment.


Uses of a Smoker

  • This appliance can smoke meat, seafood and cheese for unique flavors.
  • A smoker is ideal for barbecuing select cuts of meats like ribs and brisket.
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