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Tips for Patio Cooling

Summer brings a flurry of outdoor activities and exciting adventures. You may love summer barbecues, baseball games, catching a few rays from the sun and relaxing in the shade of your favorite tree, but the heat can be intimidating. When the heat and humidity of summer become too much, it's important to find ways to keep cool outside. With these quick and easy ideas, you can easily keep your yard cool in hot weather.


Create a shaded patio

Whether you have an outdoor casual seating set, patio dining set, backyard bar set or a combination of the three, you and your guests will benefit from a shady place to relax. You can use a large cantilever or a table umbrella to shade your seating area, offering some protection against the sun's rays while keeping the rest of your outdoor space bright. Set up a tall canopy or a covered pergola over your seating area for full coverage.


Invest in an outdoor misting system

If you need a reliable way to cool off quickly and efficiently, consider installing an outdoor misting system that connects to your hose. Using the water pressure from a standard garden hose, misting systems create a cool mist that will provide an instant chill. These systems mimic smaller personal misters while servicing a larger area to mist and cool. They're easy to install and relatively inexpensive.


Install an outdoor ceiling fan

If you have a covered patio, high-ceiling deck or gazebo, you can install an outdoor ceiling fan to add a cool breeze to your backyard. The circulating air can help you and your guests feel more comfortable in the sweltering heat. Make sure to choose a location that has an electrical outlet and a sturdy roof or large overhang to install the ceiling fan.


Plant a garden

Outdoor plants can lower the temperature surrounding your home. Most plants release water vapors that can cool the air. Gardening can help keep temperatures just a little lower than they would be without a few plants around your yard.


Build an outdoor shower

There's no faster way to cool down than to step into a cold spritz of water. Just like the cool joy you relished as a kid playing in the sprinkler, the spray of a cold shower can revitalize you. If you have a pool, this is a great way to make sure everyone rinses off before they get into the pool.


Set up a seating area under the trees

Why sit in the sun all afternoon when you can relax under the cool natural shade of your backyard trees? On extremely hot days, move your patio set to the shadiest part of your yard and enjoy. Staying out of the direct sunlight will keep you cool and protected from harmful rays.