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Outdoor Lighting Ideas

Outdoor lighting isn't just for the holidays. Decorative and functional outdoor lights can add a homey feel to the exterior of your house. Whether you have path lighting that lights the way to your front porch or decorative lighting for parties and entertaining, there are many outdoor lighting ideas that you can utilize for the best lit house on the block. With these outdoor lighting tips and tricks, you can design a stunning front or backyard space.

Make creative lanterns out of twinkle lights

If you want something wholly unique, design your own lanterns with a few strings of small lights. Use cupcake forms to make adorable and colorful lanterns by piercing a hole through the base of the cupcake shells. You can also use paper cups to make these string lanterns. For a stylish and festive look, fill mason jars or wine bottles with strings of twinkle lights connected to each other, and then place the bottles or jars around your patio.



Hang lanterns from tree to tree

If you want to create a romantic, yet celebratory, atmosphere, use lighting for an evening party space in your backyard. String up hanging lanterns from one tree to another creating an open space for casual seating, outdoor dining or even a dance floor. If you don't have three to four trees, connect the lighting with tall poles, columns, a basketball hoop or other sturdy fixtures in your backyard.



Light up your pergola, gazebo or canopy

There's nothing quite like a cozy outdoor nook to create a comfortable and pleasant space. If you have an outdoor shade, you can add lighting to make it more evening-friendly. Encircle a gazebo or canopy with white rope lighting or hang lanterns from the slats of your pergola for a bright and merry patio.



Landscape with lighting

If you have outdoor landscaping that swirls and curves throughout your backyard, add to the d├ęcor with outdoor lighting. Line concrete bricks with solar light fixtures that will absorb solar power from the sunlight for an evening glow with the stored up energy. You could also use rope lighting or other decorative lighting laced throughout garden spaces for a bright and beautiful look.