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Backyard Patio Ideas

When the sun is shining and a cool breeze is blowing through your yard, the backyard patio becomes a centralized hub of entertainment. From morning breakfast nook to evening party lounge, your patio can be a multipurpose space. When it comes to choosing patio furnishings and decor for your backyard, you want to create a comfortable and welcoming space for yourself, your family and guests. With these backyard patio ideas, you can create unique and traditional patio spaces to enjoy all summer long.

Indulge in fine outdoor dining

Set your patio apart from the rest of the homes in the neighborhood with an elegant outdoor dining space fit for royalty. If you have a covered patio or a pergola, use flowing drapes to ensconce your outdoor dining area with beauty. The fabric will add an indoor-outdoor look to your space. Choose sophisticated outdoor dining pieces like a table with built-in lighting and tasteful cushioned dining chairs for guests to sit.



Recreate a casual café

Optimize your space for small intimate conversations regardless of the size of your party. Set up several bistro tables, highboys and other small space sets throughout your patio for a cozy and informal outdoor gathering. Guests can move from table to table, chatting and mingling while you join in conversations and play host to your friends and family.



Bring the bar to your backyard

Instead of heading to the local watering hole with a few friends, establish a new local bar on your patio. With stylish stools wrapped around an elegant patio bar, you can rotate bartender duty among your friends and enjoy cool drinks on a warm evening. Lighted bars or standard patio bars decked out with patio lighting can stay open as early or as late as you like. For daytime entertainment, look for bar sets that come with an umbrella.



Focus on conversation

If you're not looking for an outdoor dining space, but want to utilize your backyard patio with unique furnishing ideas, consider casual seating sets. You can find comfortable loveseats, chairs and sofas with stylish matching cushions that create an outdoor living space on your patio. With a small hub of seating, the emphasis will be on conversation and not food. If you'd like to offer guests refreshments, make sure to set a few end tables or a coffee table in your seating area so guests have a place to rest their snacks and beverages.



Set up a kid-friendly space

When you need outdoor patio ideas for the whole family, consider setting aside a small area of the patio as a kids-only zone. Use bright colored patio furniture so they can relax, dine and play with fun and festive outdoor furniture. Then, section the area off with a small picket fence or a border of planters to create a cozy alcove for the kids.