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Buying Patio Furniture

Creating an elegant and classic look on your patio or deck can be a fun and exciting venture. Whether you're redecorating your backyard or getting started on a full landscaping project in a new home, the right patio furniture sets can make a huge difference in the appearance of your outdoor oasis. You can escape to another time with classic outdoor furniture sets, or look to the future with a modern dining set that offers light throughout the evening.

Why buy new patio furniture?

Casual seating sets are becoming more and more popular. You'll find a variety of comfortable patio sofas, loveseats and lounge chairs with matching accent tables to create an outdoor living space.

New designs offer a mix-and-match capability so that you can pair a casual seating set with a dining set or a small space bistro set with a bar set.

Modern patio furniture is built to last, and with the proper care and maintenance, your patio furniture will withstand weather conditions and typical use for years to come.

Your old patio furniture may be worn out. If your old outdoor chairs and tables are rusty, dull or faded, you can revitalize your backyard look with an elegant new patio set.

Features of new patio furniture

Considerations when buying patio furniture

  • Types of patio furniture materials, including wood, plastic, metal and wicker, can make a difference in the durability and style of your outdoor furniture
  • There are different types of patio umbrellas that you can use to create a shady space in your yard
  • The size of your patio furniture matters. Make sure that you choose furniture that will fit in your outdoor space without looking too cluttered or bare
  • Patio furniture can also be purchased as individual pieces to create a unique look by mixing and matching different styles
  • Patio furniture cushions can easily change the look and style of your furniture without buying a new set

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Types of patio furniture

Patio dining sets

These sets include weather-resistant tables, chairs and umbrellas that simplify outdoor dining.

  • Complete set price range: $200-$6,000
  • Number of pieces: 3-11
  • Seating capacity: 2-10 people

Patio dining sets are best for. . .

All patios or backyards: A patio dining set is a staple in any backyard. Enjoy entertaining guests, eating family meals or just sipping on a cup of coffee with your morning paper at your patio dining set.


Outdoor kitchens: What's a kitchen without a dining table? When you have a complete outdoor setup, you can enjoy meals from start to finish.



Casual seating sets

For cozy outdoor seating, you can create a family room in your backyard with casual seating sets. Complete with sofas, loveseats, chairs and accent tables, these seating sets are cushioned and stylish for a homey atmosphere on your patio.

  • Price range: $650-$4,000
  • Number of pieces: 3-11
  • Seating capacity: 2-10 people

Casual seating sets are best for. . .

Underneath canopies and inside gazebos: While you can keep weatherproof casual seating sets out in the sun, creating a cozy seating space under a canopy or in a gazebo can offer a little nook for you to relax in, whether you're reading a book or visiting with friends.

Sun rooms and screened-in patios: When you have indoor-outdoor spaces, you'll want to use furniture that fits with the theme. Stylish patio furniture will look classic in your sun room or screened porch.  


Bar sets

You can find small tiki bar sets and large bar sets with stools and shelves to store supplies. Bar sets can also substitute for outdoor dining sets if you have a small space that can't hold a full dining table and chairs.

  • Price range: $375-$2000
  • Number of pieces: 1-5
  • Seating capacity: 2-4 people

Bar sets are best for. . .

Poolside dining: Pool owners don't always have much space for dining sets. The last thing you want is to have a dining table covered in splashed water. With a bar set, you can enjoy elevated poolside dining without the worry that the tabletop is too close to the pool.


Party backyards: If you're a frequent outdoor entertainer, you'll want to have an outdoor space for people to get beverages. The stylish look of a patio bar set can also add a celebratory vibe.




Bistro sets

When you have a small space, you'll want a patio set designed to fit the area. These small space sets offer a quaint table and a couple of chairs that sit lower to the ground than a standard dining set.

  • Price range: $675-$1700
  • Number of pieces: 3-5
  • Seating capacity: 2-4 people

Bistro sets are best for. . .

Apartment patios and balconies: When you're designing a small patio or balcony space, you'll want an area for outdoor dining, but you can't always set up a full dining table or even a bar set. Bistro sets and small space sets are designed to take up very little space.


Small decks: If you want to sit on the deck with a beverage before or after jumping in the pool, but your deck isn't very big, the small table and chairs of a bistro set offer the perfect compromise.


Gardens: What's a beautiful flower garden if you can't sit and enjoy it? Add a mosaic table and matching chairs for added color and style, so you can relax in your garden oasis.







Bottom Line


The variety of patio furniture sets and separates allow you to create your own patio masterpiece. Whether you're furnishing your front porch for curb appeal or decorating a back patio for your next barbecue, there is a patio set that will work perfectly in your space. If you only have a small patio or deck, you can find specially-designed bistro sets that offer outdoor dining for just a couple of people. For frequent party hosts, choose a couple of patio sets to furnish your yard, from casual seating sets to complete dining sets. The possibilities are endless, and you can easily find the perfect set or sets that are right for you.