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Poolside Bar Ideas

There's nothing like a frosty beverage and the chill water of a backyard pool when the outside temperature spikes above 90 degrees Fahrenheit. Whether you're trudging through humid or dry heat, there are ways to make the summer more bearable. Staying hydrated with cool drinks and lowering your body temperature with a dip in the pool can help you beat the heat. With these poolside bar ideas, you can create a beverage space near the pool that is uniquely your own.


Design a poolside tiki bar

Give your backyard an island theme with a tiki bar, bamboo torches and other festive decor. A backyard pool can make you feel like you're always on vacation. Use natural materials like bamboo in your decorative accents, so you truly feel like you've been whisked away to a Polynesian island. With a thatched roof on your tiki bar and strategically placed tropical plants, your backyard and pool area will look just like one of the islands.



Install a swim-up bar

If you have an above-ground pool, you can create the illusion of a swim-up bar by adding an outdoor bar set directly next to your pool. Instead of facing outwards towards guests, set the bar right up to the edge of the pool. For a poolside bar that also services guests on the patio, use two bar sets parallel to each other. With one facing the pool and another facing the patio, you'll have the perfect setup for entertaining.



Opt for cozy bar seating

Add to the luxury of your bar stools with plush outdoor cushions. Instead of a simple woven stool or a wrought iron seat alone, your guests can enjoy the supplementary comfort of cushions and pillows. Look for matching or complementary cushions and decorative pillows to add a touch of style and elegance. Make sure to use waterproof materials for guests who jumped out of the pool for an ice cold beverage  


Create a beer garden with a view of the pool

Not everyone wants to spend time in the water. Some of your friends and family will prefer to watch others enjoy their time swimming and splashing. Make sure you have space to accommodate everyone by creating a poolside beer garden. Surround your patio bar with stools, and then place several small seating areas around the bar. Use bistro sets and other small space sets to create a cafe-like appearance around your pool bar.