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Christmas Tree Decorating Ideas

Decorating a Christmas tree helps bring out the spirit of the season in everyone. There are a wide variety of different themes and styles to choose from, whether you prefer classic designs or modern embellishments. Here are some ideas to spark your festive creativity and help your tree glow during the holidays.


Lit Ribbons

These ribbons come with lights built into them to add extra sparkle to this tree decoration. By investing in lit ribbons, you can save on having to purchase additional strands of lights.

Stacked Ribbons

With multiple ribbons or mesh, you can create a great spiral effect on your tree. Take one ribbon strand and wrap it from top to bottom. Make sure to look at the spacing while doing this so it doesn’t look uneven. Then take another ribbon or silver mesh and wrap it in the gaps of the first. This stacked effect will create an elegant spiral.

Alternating Ribbons

Instead of doing an even wrap, you can layer the ribbons on top of each other. The design will add a fun aspect to the tree using this traditional decoration. Alternate the ribbons as you move around the tree so the colors switch from top to bottom as you move around the tree.

Coiled Ribbons

Instead of stretching the ribbon straight when wrapping it, let it fall off the wrap and so the ribbon retain its coiled shape. The coiling effect is a great way to add texture to any Christmas tree.

Tree Lights

White Lights

For a traditional look, clear white lights will give your tree a dazzling glow. If you’re using white lights on your home’s exterior, the tree can act as the perfect complement by sitting near the window.

Multi-Color Lights

If you're looking to add some fun to your holiday decorations, multi-colored lights will do just that. The reds, greens, blues and whites will combine for a cheeky shine. You can even fine more exotic color combinations, such as purple and white, for even more variations.

Color-Changing Lights

Adding some activity to your tree is simple with color changing lights. With an adjustable timer, you can have your tree go from a clear glow to multi-color and back again. Animating the tree with these lights will make your holiday decor really stand out.

Embellishments & Ornaments

Garland & Tinsel

Garland takes any ordinary tree to the next level. Since branch spacing can by a bit uneven, add a strand or two to help cover those areas. Tinsel is used to emulate icicles, so consider using it on a tree that has a winter or snow theme. The tinsel will definitely spruce up blank spots that are missing lights, ribbons or ornaments.

Balls & Globes

These traditional ornaments have come a long way from the standard red and gold of days gone by. Now you can find triple drop balls, styles with intricate embellishments and more. Get a variety of these and place them evenly throughout the tree for a look that spans traditional to modern.

Themed Ornaments

Whether it's a festive red cardinal or a cute puppy in a Santa hat, there are a number of great animal ornaments for the tree. These fun decorations will add a personal touch to your tree and are great options for kids. If you love having a winter wonderland theme on the tree, gold or white icicle ornaments will bring the beauty of the season indoors. These also look great combined with silver tinsel to create an ultimate winter-inspired design.

Tree Toppers

The traditional angel is an elegant way to put some polish on your tree's look. A bright star is another take on the traditional tree topper that can be lit or unlit in a variety of great colors. Consider novelty tree toppers, ranging from Santa hats to gingerbread men, if you want to put a fun exclamation point on the tree.

Other Tree Decorating Tips

  • Keep it even - Regardless of the decorations you choose, make sure to spread them out evenly throughout the tree. This will keep your tree from looking heavy on one side or the other. It will also provide the visual symmetry that will be the focal point of your seasonal decorations.
  • Mix and match - Do you have decorations passed down through your family and a bunch of fun colorful lights? Mix them together for a style that's as diverse as your life.
  • Secondary trees - Find smaller, artificial trees to decorate, and place them throughout your home to create a cohesive look. These trees are also the perfect place to test out other themes and styles to use on the main tree next year.
  • Personal touches - There are tons of tutorials out there to show you how to create the "perfect" tree, but this season is one for gathering with loved ones. Let your tree be an extension of yourself and your family.

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