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Types of Artificial Christmas Trees

Nothing says the holidays more than a Christmas tree with all the trimmings glowing in your home. Instead of buying a new tree every year, you can find a life-like, artificial tree that will look and feel just like the real thing. Here are some different types of artificial Christmas trees available, so you can choose the perfect one to light up the house.

Types of Christmas Trees

Full-Size Christmas Trees

A full-size tree looks like a real tree. It’s filled out and rounded to create a realistic look.

  • Desired dwelling: Medium to large houses - A full-size tree is perfect for medium to large houses. This option will fill the space and give you the feel of a natural Christmas tree.
  • Various types - If you grew up with natural trees, a full-size, artificial model will give you the option to choose between many designs, including a Dunhill Fir or a Colorado Spruce. You can also find downswept and other variations to get the specific look and feel you desire.

Slim Christmas Trees

If you're low on space and don't want to take up a wide radius, a slim tree will fit into nearly any space.

  • Desired dwelling: Apartments - In a two bedroom apartment, a slim tree will let you create the Christmas scene from your childhood, without taking up valuable floor space.
  • Foyer tree - Placing a slim tree in your entryway is a great way to add some extra Christmas cheer around your home.



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Half-Wall Christmas Trees

When you need the ultimate in space-saving, a half-wall model will take up little space while still helping you deck the halls.

Desired dwelling: Studios & one-bedroom apartments - A half-wall tree is perfect for fitting into a corner or wherever you have extra space. However, it still creates the illusion of a full tree.

Ideal for other rooms - If you own a large house, this makes a great secondary trees. Whether it's a bedroom or the dining room, a half-wall tree is a great way to add extra holiday cheer throughout the entire home.



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Features of Artificial Christmas Trees

Pre-Lit Christmas Trees

  • Clear lights - Clear lights emit an elegant glow to accent the ornaments you hang upon the branches.
  • Multi-color lights - Multi-color lights are a great way to update the look of your standard Christmas decor. They'll give you a range of brilliant colors to give new life to your holiday.
  • Color-changing lights - Get the best of both worlds with a color-changing model. The press of a button will let you go from standard clear to multi-color. Some even allow the lights to cycle through colors on a timer.

Christmas Tree Colors

  • Green - You can find different types of artificial Christmas trees that range from a light green to a darker green. The shade will depend on the species of tree its mimicking.
  • White - Give yourself a white Christmas with a white tree. This take on a classic tree creates the vibe of a "recent snowfall" in your living room.
  • Other colors - Typically seen on tabletop trees and other small trees, you can find anything from purple to silver. These fun accent trees spice up the color of your space.

Tree Assembly Options

  • Three-piece - Trees that come in three pieces make installation a snap. Simply place the base down and then stack the other two on top.
  • Full assembly - These types of Christmas trees require you to screw the post together before inserting each branch individually. Although it takes more time, you have more say over how full you want the tree based on your space or personal taste.

Sizing a Christmas Tree

  • 6-7 foot ceilings - A 5.5 feet tree will keep you from brushing the ceiling and leave enough room for the tree topper. These are perfect for small spaces and apartments.
  • 8-9 foot ceilings - A 7.5 foot tree will give you enough height without being too much tree. These options are best for homes with standard size ceilings.
  • Ceilings 10 feet or higher - A tree 9 feet and taller will fill your space adequately and not leave it feeling empty. This tree will fit great in rooms with vaulted ceilings or large foyers.
  • Height considerations - The general rule is to leave half a foot between the top of the tree and the ceiling. When making a decision, remember that the tree topper and base add height.
  • Width - It's a good rule to leave at least 3 inches between the branches and the walls around them. This gives you enough room to hang ornaments and lights. A slim model of the same height is a good solution in tight areas.