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How to Change a Circular Saw Blade

Circular saw blades are ideal for making straight cuts on wood, metal and masonry. Even if you primarily use your saw for one material, the blade will dull over time and will need to be replaced. Switching an old circular saw blade with a new one can be simple when you follow these steps.

What you'll need:

  • Thick insulated gloves: These can help prevent accidental cuts and scrapes when touching the saw blades.
  • Hex key: Some models require this device to remove the bolt in the center of the saw blade.
  • New blade: Make sure the replacement blade is the correct type and size for your circular saw.

Step 1: Unplug your circular saw or remove the battery.

The circular saw should be off whenever you change the blade. Completely unplugging from the power source, in addition to turning the machine off, prevents the saw from accidentally turning on while replacing the blade.

changing a circular saw blade

Step 2: Put on your gloves.

Wear a thick pair of insulated gloves as you change the blade to avoid any potential cuts.




changing a circular saw blade

Step 3: Place the saw face up on a flat surface.

To help ensure safety, make sure you lay the saw down with the blade facing upward on a flat workbench or table.



changing a circular saw blade

Step 4: Release the blade.

When switching a blade with a standard spindle lock button, remove the center bolt using a hex key. Some models use a release switch, which simply unlocks the blade for removal.



changing a circular saw blade

Step 5: Remove the blade.

Move the lower guard lever and lift up the blade guard. The blade will be exposed and ready to remove from the spindle. Make sure to clean out any excess sawdust and debris from the circular saw.



changing a circular saw blade

Step 6: Insert the new blade.

Place the new blade on the spindle with the teeth pointing in the right direction. Most circular saws have an arrow indicating the correct placement. Once the blade is on the spindle, return the guard to its original position.



changing a circular saw blade

Step 7: Secure the blade in place.

For circular saw models with a spindle lock button, insert the bolt and tighten it with the hex key. Check the new blade for dullness or damage after each use.



changing a circular saw blade