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How to Keep a Clean Computer Screen and Keyboard While Cooking

If you're like many modern-day cooks, you probably find lots of unique and delicious recipes online and take your laptop into the kitchen for reference while cooking—putting it right next to the flour, sugar, oils and measuring cups. You can try to keep your computer a fair distance from the action, but if you're making a complex recipe, this can be a bit challenging. What's the secret to maintaining a clean computer screen and keyboard? Below are some of our favorite products to protect your laptop from food mayhem:

Keyboard protectors. Keyboard protectors come in a variety of styles. Some are antibacterial and have been specifically designed to shield computer keyboards from spills, oils, dirt, moisture, food crumbs and dust. Look for durable protectors that are soft to the touch. Installing these over your keyboard will prevent greasy and food-covered fingers from staining your device without sacrificing the comfort and natural feel of the keys. Most are easy to install and won't detract from your keyboard's appearance.

Keyboard cleaning putties. Ideal for getting crumbs and flour out from between keyboard keys, cleaning putties are malleable and can be easily shaped to get into tight cracks and crevices. They're also great for wiping off food smudges. Some cleaning putties are formulated to kill germs while picking up debris, which makes them an all-in-one cleaning solution.

Matte screen protectors. Working double duty to both provide an anti-glare surface and a clean computer screen, today's multilayered matte screen protectors reduce reflected light, provide impact and scratch protection, and protect your screen from oils and liquids. Look for screen protectors that are easily attached and removed without damaging your screen. The protector should attach directly to the screen surface with a silicone or similar adhesive. Also, make sure the protector is thin enough to remain attached to your screen while still allowing your laptop to close completely. Before applying the screen protector, be sure to clean the screen.

Compressed air dusters. Air dusters blast your keyboard with pressurized air to blow out crumbs and other food particles lodged between keys. Look for air dusters that don't use chemicals and have been specially formulated to be nonflammable.

Micro vacuums. Compact and portable, these micro vacuum cleaners suck up crumbs and other particles lodged between the keys of your keyboard. Some vacuums come with specially designed cleaning tools to reach inaccessible places where dust and dirt might cause key jams.

Get a load of that—cooking with the help of your laptop doesn't have to be such a messy process anymore!