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How to Mount a TV

Mounting your flat-screen television to your wall can free up a lot of valuable floor space and create a unique look in your living room. Ensuring a solid hold is crucial, both between the TV and wall bracket and from the bracket to the wall. The last thing you want to happen is your screen and TV wall mount to come tumbling down after hours of work. These steps will help you mount your TV on your own without calling a professional.

What you'll need:

  • Power drill and bits. You'll need this to secure the TV bracket to the wall.
  • Screwdriver. This is what you'll use for the delicate job of fastening the bracket to the TV set.
  • Stud finder. It'll be helpful to have a stud finder so you can easily find the anchor points for your bracket.
  • Tape measure. This will be used to measure the wall and determine placement.
  • Socket wrench. You may need this to assemble some kinds of wall mounts.
  • Pencil. Use this to mark the wall where you will be drilling.
  • A friend. This is a two-person job and you'll need them when it's time to put the TV on the wall.

Step 1: Attach the TV mounting bracket to the back of the television.

If you have a stand attached to the bottom of your set, you'll need to detach it. From there, find the mounting holes on the back of the television. There might be covers on these, but they can be easily removed with a screwdriver. Then, use a screwdriver to attach the bracket to the TV. Be careful that you don't over-tighten the bolt and damage the bracket or the TV. Once the bracket is ready, set the TV aside with the screen facing up. If the screen is facedown, permanent damage can occur.  


Step 2: Find where you plan to place your TV.

Find a room or area of a room that will have the least amount of glare while also acting as the perfect focal point for the TV. Standard height for a wall-mounted TV is about 35 to 45 inches from the floor to the middle of the screen. Also, be sure the TV is near an electrical outlet and that the cords can easily reach it.  


Step 3: Mount bracket to the wall.

Take your stud finder and find the two studs in the wall that will anchor your bracket. Mark them with your pencil and use a nail to confirm the stud location. Use a level to make sure that all the holes are lined up and centered. Then take your drill and drill pilot holes for the screws or bolts. Place the bracket on the wall and attach it with the screws or bolts that came with the kit. If the kit uses lag bolts, you'll need to drive them in with a socket wrench.  


Step 4: Connect cables and hang the TV.

It can sometimes be difficult to connect all your cables once the TV is on the wall, so plug everything beforehand. You and a friend can now hang your TV on the wall bracket. Once everything is secure, gently pull on the set to ensure that it's solidly attached to the wall. Now, sit back and enjoy your newly wall-mounted flat screen TV.