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Heated Grips & Thumbwarmers

Enjoy the use of your ATV year round with comfortable heated ATV grips that keep your hands warm in even the most brisk weather. Cold breezes and low temperatures won't stop you from getting outdoors or taking care of your property, but it doesn't hurt to be a little bit more comfortable while you are out driving around. Heated ATV grips help you keep those fingers warm when it's not convenient to put on a pair of gloves. For the ultimate weather protection, pair your heated grips with ATV cabs that will block the coldest winds and keep you dry on rainy days. Stop by Sears to find a variety of heated ATV grips that are simple and easy to install and use.

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Protect your hands from chilly winters with heated ATV grips

You shouldn't have to stay inside just because the weather is cold. With high-performance outdoor gear and clothing, you can take a hike or bicycle ride in just about any weather, and your ATV experience should be no different. Four wheeling in the winter is a great way to travel short distances when the roads are slick. Four-wheelers offer durability and an ability to travel in even the most difficult conditions. Of course, they do leave you completely exposed to the elements, which is why little add-ons such as heated ATV grips can be a really good idea.

First, make sure to invest in quality outdoor ATV winter gear. ATV facemasks will protect your cheeks form windburn, freezing rain and any dust kicked up during the dry season. ATV goggles are great for shielding your eyes from cold breezes and are a great way to keep your vision clear when the wind would normally make them tear up from the cold. Finally, ATV gloves are a nice touch in any season, protecting your hands from a rash in the event of an accident as well as keeping them as warm as possible in the cold. Of course, even the warmest gloves have trouble staying warm when they come in contact with below freezing handlebars. Plus, frozen handlebars have a habit of sticking when all you really want to do is go.

Heated handlebar grips keep your exposed hands warm in chilly fall breezes and keep your gloves from sticking to the handles when it gets really cold out. Most heated grips are easy to install and use. Hook up the grips to the power source and slide them on. You can also install thumb warmers to make sure all of your digits are toasty warm no matter what. If you hate wearing gloves, you may also want to consider combining some grip mitts with your heated handle grips. These mitts essentially look like little bags that cover your handles. You slide your hands in, and they protect your hands from the cold while offering complete access to your steering and controls.

Sears can help you find the perfect winter gear for your ATV riding experience. Start with protective gear for yourself like windproof outerwear, sturdy goggles and facemasks that cover exposed skin. Then, winterize our ATV with quality tire chains, antifreeze fluids and heated handlebar grips that help keep things from freezing up. And of course, don't forget a high-quality cover to protect your ATV from the wind, sun, rain and snow so that you can keep it in tip-top shape for years to come. Whatever winter ATV needs you have, Sears is here to help. Our great selection of outdoor and winter gear for you and your vehicle will have you back to weekend four-wheeling adventures in no time.


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