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Let ATV loading ramps help you take your ATV with you on the road

ATVs are great for exploring the wilderness and helping you get lawn and garden work done with ease. Since they are such great multi-use vehicles, it is no wonder that you want to take your ATV with you wherever you go. Perhaps you work on a job site that is large and need something to help you tote tools from location to location with ease. Or maybe you're planning a fun wilderness adventure that is just begging for a little ATV action. Either way, you can use simple ATV loading ramps to get your ATV up and into your truck bed for easy and inexpensive transport. Of course, you could tow your ATVs behind your family vehicles in ATV carts or trailers, but it will save you time and money to simply load it right onto your truck bed.

The type of ramp you choose will depend on how much space you have in the back of that bed. If you just want to transport your ATV, you can get away with a nice-sized ramp that's durable and will withstand a variety of uses. Some of the most durable ramps look like ladders. These ramps come as two individual ladders that are lined up with your ATV wheels and then placed on the edge of the truck bed. Other ladder style options can be placed right next to each other to make one large ramp for easy loading that doesn't require precise wheel placement. These ramps are sturdy and adjustable so that you can get a nice gradual incline that will help you load your ATV gently.

A more traditional and space-saving option for ATV loading ramps are expandable metal boards. This style of loading ramp will take a little more skill to load your ATV, but are great if you also need to load camping or hunting gear into your truck. Granted, you can also load some of your gear into your ATV baskets or ATV bow racks so that you don't have to take up extra space in your truck bed. However, it's nice to have room to store all the extras you need for a fun weekend. The metal boards must be lined up with your ATV tires, and you'll have to drive your ATV up the boards straight since some boards are only a little bit wider than your tires. If you have experience loading vehicles, this should be easy. Plus, the simple board style ramps are easy to set up and use no matter where you are.

Don't forget to protect your ATV while traveling. You might be protected from the wind and rain in your truck cab, but your ATV will still be exposed to the elements. ATV gear covers are great to throw over your vehicle while in transit and will ensure that you have a clean and dry ride when you get to your final destination. Let Sears help you find the perfect ramps and protective coverings for your ATV travel needs. With a wide variety of ramp styles and sizes to fit any ATV make or model, you're sure to find the perfect loading device for your four wheeler.


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