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Learn about your car with auto books, manuals and software

If you're a new do-it-yourself mechanic or just looking to gain more insight on your car, it's crucial to have as much information as possible. With all the changes in automotive technology, you have to have the right materials to do your research. Fortunately, Sears has various car guides to get you through any project or keep you up-to-date on the latest automotive trends. We carry a large selection of car books, repair manuals and automotive software to help you out.

Whether you're a lifelong car enthusiast or someone interested in learning more about your vehicle, there are many automotive books that can come in handy. Some books provide general information on new vehicles or vintage automobiles while others are written to give you a list of ways to repair every part of your vehicle. Different car guides that cover everything from domestic vehicles to foreign makes to even race cars.

Even the most experienced mechanic needs to do some research before beginning a job. From repairing an engine to checking tire tread, it's always beneficial to have a manual listing step-by-step instructions. Sears has automotive repair manuals for all kinds of cars, trucks and SUVs. Most manuals give you tips on how to diagnose the problem in your vehicle and suggest what specific parts will be required to get the project done. You'll even find instructional repair guides for motorcycles, so your bike is always running smoothly.

While repair manuals can usually do the trick, you might be tackling a project that requires some more detailed instruction. Consider automotive software to give you an extensive look at how to get the job done. Certain programs give you a virtual walkthrough on major repairs and light touch-ups. You'll find interactive software to help any novice mechanic or automotive professional. Most automotive software is available on CD-ROM, so you can use these programs on almost any computer.

Every now and then, you need a helping hand to get the job done. From buying guides to instructional information, Sears has the materials you need at any time. Each book or computer program is easy to digest, so you can easily tackle any project.

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