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      Turn up the music with universal car audio equipment

      Most cars come off the assembly line with standard sound systems. However, you might need something that amplifies your favorite music much better than your current system does. Sears has a wide variety of universal car audio equipment to give you the best experience when listening to the radio or cranking up songs on your MP3 player. Maybe you need an entirely new radio altogether to replace that outdated one. We carry many aftermarket models with plenty of upgraded options that are easy to install.

      Older vehicles don't always have most appealing features. If the best accessory on your radio is a tape deck, it might be time to put in a new radio. Many models come with CD players, USB connection and SD card ports to give you a variety of mediums. Just plug your portable music device into the radio and the music will play through your car's speakers. Certain aftermarket editions also allow you to plug cell phone accessories into the radio so you can listen to songs off your smartphone.

      Even if you have a new car, you might not have access to satellite radio. If you like listening to these stations, some aftermarket radios feature satellite capability. A specialized satellite radio antenna works best at giving you the clearest reception possible. These antennas typically mount onto your car's trunk or roof using a magnetic base pad. There are also other alternatives. For instance, Sears also carries special program adapters that are attached to your radio inside, giving the a sufficient satellite connection you need to access stations.

      Once you find the right radio for your vehicle, consider beefing up your sound system with speakers, subwoofers or amplifiers. You'll find a large collection of two-way speakers and other accessories to give a booming sound with each song you play. Before installing any universal car audio equipment, check your repair manual to see if these parts adhere to manufacturer specifications.

      Whether you need to upgrade an old ride or just want to amp up your new car, there is plenty of universal car audio equipment to give you fun commute. Don't have a professional slap you with a big bill for installation. Sears has plenty of aftermarket radios, speakers and amplifiers to that are universally-fitted and easy to install on your own.


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