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      Beef up your vehicle with new custom car audio and video systems

      Whether it's a hot sports car or sleek luxury vehicle, you always want to get the most out of it. One of the best ways to enjoy your car is to upgrade the audio equipment. Sears has a large selection of custom audio and video systems that you can install in almost any specific vehicle. We carry everything from aftermarket radios to subwoofers so you can listen to the songs you like with outstanding clarity. You'll even find DVD players and monitors for your car. No matter what it is, there are plenty of options catered for your vehicle.

      A new radio can immediately transform almost any custom car audio system into a high tech interface for all your devices. Most aftermarket models come with upgraded amenities, including CD players, USB connection and SD card ports so you can play music from multiple devices. There are specially equipped radios to play songs from your smartphone through the car's sound system using specialized cell phone accessories. If you're a fan of satellite stations, make sure to install a radio with satellite capability.

      If you're looking to boost your audio system, Sears has a wide variety of speakers, amplifiers and subwoofers to improve sound quality. An amplifier will increase the sounds from your speakers, making it much louder than with stock speakers. However, if you need some extra bass with your music, a subwoofer will most likely do the trick. Before installing custom car audio equipment, check your automotive book or manual to see they work with manufacturer specifications.

      While having new audio equipment enhances the ride, some vehicles might be able to handle additional electronics. For instance, you can install a DVD player and screen so your passengers can enjoy countless hours of their favorite movies during a long road trip. Sears has a large selection of custom video equipment and power accessories for most cars. Certain video equipment can include GPS systems and Bluetooth connectivity so you can use it also use it for directions or streaming music.

      From upgrading old vehicles to new cars straight from the factory, different custom audio and video equipment will maximize your ride. Most professionals charge too much to install custom audio systems or car video accessories. Sears has plenty of aftermarket radios, speakers and video equipment to that are universally-fitted and easy to add on your vehicle.


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