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      Boost your phone battery with car chargers from Sears


      If you own a new smart phone, you know that it's tough to live without it. You not only can make calls on cell phones, but you also can surf the Internet, stream videos and listen to music. However, all those activities can drain down the battery significantly, and it can come at the most inopportune times. Luckily, Sears carries a large selection of cell phone car chargers to boost your phone's power so you're not left with a dead battery.

      Most chargers get their power from your car's battery through a 12-volt outlet. This outlet is located in the front seat or the cigarette lighter socket. Once it's plugged in, you'll be able to charge your phone throughout the duration of your ride. There are also power accessories that can be used to both charge phones and other devices. For instance, if you own an MP3 player that is running low on juice, just plug it into a USB adapter so it powers up in no time.

      Not all chargers require a 12-volt outlet. Some chargers can be plugged into new aftermarket radios. If your car has a new radio with USB ports, consider getting a special USB charger to power up your phone. This feature also lets you play any music or other media from your phone through your custom or universal audio equipment using this kind of charger. A USB-based charger also allows you to charge and operate other electronics, including MP3 players, GPS devices and even tablets.

      If you use different devices throughout your commute, it's important to have them clearly on display. For example, if your phone comes with a GPS app, make sure to install a special mount on the dash or headrest. This cell phone car accessory helps you keep an eye on the road without putting your head down to look at your phone. However, mounts aren't exclusive to cell phones or GPS device. You can also attach radar detectors to them so you can be properly alerted whenever law enforcement is monitoring traffic up ahead.

      Don't let the battery on your phone or other electronics die. Make sure you can charge their batteries at any time with cell phone car chargers from Sears. We have a large selection of chargers and other accessories to keep all your gadgets running efficiently.


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