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      Avoid speeding tickets with a radar detector

      Every now and then, you're guilty of letting the open road get the best of you. Most open highways are perfect places for police officers or state troopers to catch speeders. Don't risk getting pulled over in a speed trap. Consider mounting a radar detector to your dashboard so you're warned of police radars before you accidentally zip by them. Sears has a large selection of laser detectors to track police radar guns and sensors from red light cameras so you're prepared and can reduce speed accordingly.

      Most radar detectors are compact and very easy to install. They operate similar to radio antennas by picking up frequencies from nearby radar guns. Once the sensor in your detector is triggered, you're alerted almost immediately so you can reduce your speed. Each has its own unique warning sound, ranging from alarms to whistles. In case you have the radio turned up loudly, some devices also have LED warning lights that flash once a signal is detected.

      Newer laser detectors feature additional automotive software to help you stay alert. Advanced models are equipped with GPS technology so you can enter locations that are heavily supervised by police. While speed traps are unpleasant, red light cameras can be an even bigger pain to deal with. Some GPS detectors track sites monitored by cameras so you can avoid getting a ticket after you race through an intersection as the light changes. Depending on the device, each location can either be manually stored or downloaded from the Internet.

      Radar detectors are very easy to install in your car. Since they are compact, you can simply mount them to your windshield or dashboard using suction cups or adhesive. Most detectors can operate using the battery power from your vehicle. Similar to car chargers, detectors come with a power cord to plug into your 12-volt outlet. Other devices are battery-powered, using either commercial batteries or rechargeable power packs. Sears also carries laser detectors for motorcycles, such as the Rocky Mountain line of MOTO-RAPTOR, which lets you receive alerts through an alarm on your helmet.

      Whether you're driving around town or zipping down the open road, it's important you always stay alert. Radar detectors will give you the proper warning before you reach a spot that is being tracked by law enforcement. Sears has a wide variety of laser detectors from reliable brands to get the job done.


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