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      Get crystal clear reception with a new radio antenna

      The radio is probably one of the most used components in your car. Even if you use MP3 players or CDs to hear your favorite songs, you still find yourself flipping on the radio. Whether it's the big game or more music, your reception must be up to par. Unfortunately, a broken antenna can cause staticky sounds from your radio. Keep the sound as clear as possible with a new radio antenna. Sears has a wide variety of car antennas that are built to handle rough conditions to a long time.

      It's important your radio antenna is compatible with your vehicle. Before choosing a certain type of antenna, see if it works in sync with any manufacturer or custom audio equipment in your car. For instance, if your radio system comes equipped with satellite radio, make sure you attach a special antenna to pick up satellite stations in addition to AM and FM ones. Satellite antennas are typically pick up the best possible signal and last a long time.

      In addition to satellite antennas, there other radio antennas you can attach to your vehicle. Like most new power accessories, modern radio antennas are much easier to install than older editions. Most new aftermarket models can easily be mounted on your rear window, and some even come equipped with the necessary wiring and materials to get it running. Sears carries the Cobra line of magnet mount antennas, which can be placed on the top or trunk of your car using a scratch-resistant base pad. Worried about your new antenna getting damaged? There are also different kinds of antennas that can be installed inside your car on the dashboard or inside the trunk.

      While new-age technology might be required on new vehicles, you'll find standard styles for older cars. Sears has a large collection of retractable and whip-style radio antennas. Both are flexible and are constructed with strong materials to handle severe weather conditions. No matter which antennas you choose, check your car's automotive book or manual beforehand to see if it's compliant with factory specifications.

      A professional can charge too much for a new antenna and installation. Find high-quality radio antennas that you can mount on your own for a fraction of the price. Sears specific models give your radio clear reception.


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