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      Lighten the load with car ramps from Sears

      If you have a lot of heavy gear, you might need a little help getting it in and out of your car. Whether you're using them to unload cargo or raise your vehicle off the ground while in storage, car ramps are always a useful accessory. Sears has various heavy duty ramps that can be used for different projects. They are the perfect component when you need to transport equipment in and out of your truck or SUV.

      There are various ramps that you can use for different purposes. For instance, there are travel ramps used for unloading luggage or getting your pets in and out of the car with ease. Some are big enough for moving motorcycle, ATVs or other recreational vehicles into a trailer or on the flatbed of a pickup. Top brands, like Lund, make stainless steel ramps strong enough to handle this kind of heavy load. Anytime you have cargo stored on a flatbed, use sturdy tie downs or straps to make sure your items stay secure for the entire ride.

      Not all car ramps are just use for transporting. Sears also carries ramps to elevate your vehicle off the ground. They are similar to jack stands because they can raise a car in the air so you can display your vehicle or do routine repairs under the body. If you're someone that puts their sports car in storage during the winter, we carry specialty ramps from Race Ramps that help reduce flat spotting on your tires by evenly distributing your car's weight evenly.

      You might have a classic sports car worth flaunting. There are special ramps used specifically for displaying racing vehicles or retro rides on your driveway or at a local car show. These particular car ramps can be used for various automotive projects as well. For instance, if you're changing the motor oil in your car, taller ramps can give you the proper clearance to work under the body.

      From showcasing a vehicle to loading equipment, you'll find the car ramps needed to complete your task. There is no need to exert all that energy lifting items in and out of your truck. Sears has strongly constructed ramps from the most reliable brands to give you a much needed assist.


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