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      Keep your tools and accessories tidy with cargo carriers and bags

      You always want to be prepared for any situation the road throws at you. However, having a bunch of tools spread out all over your trunk might make you scramble when it comes time to tackle an emergency. Different kinds of cargo carriers and bags give you the organization needed to act quickly and efficiently. Sears has a wide variety of storage boxes and bags to keep your accessories neatly nestled away in your car, truck or SUV.

      Cargo carriers and bags can act as your own personal car emergency kit during your everyday commute. Some carriers are large enough to fit the necessary tools and supplies that you need to change flat tires are charge car batteries. You can store all kinds of equipment, including jumper cables, car jacks and tire irons. Different storage boxes include dividers so each component can be partnered with the right gear needed for a specific job.

      If you're heading out on a cross country trip with the family, everyone is probably planning on bringing hand-held games, portable MP3 players or pillows and blankets. A travel storage carrier helps keep all your passengers' gear precisely stored away, so your car isn't a complete mess throughout the ride. Some storage boxes are also great for packing smaller items like toiletries and first aid kits. No matter what you're carrying on your trip, travel storage carriers always keep your cargo organized.

      You'll also find transferable vaults to lock away any precious cargo during your trip. Sears carries Dee Zee portable vaults so you can store anything from travel mugs to cameras while your car is unattended. Most of these vaults are opened and locked using a customized entry code. Some models even come with a security cable to tie it down in the car. These vaults are great space savers and small enough to store in the trunk or under your seat.

      From long road trips to rides around town, cargo carriers and bags are the perfect accessories to help you save space. Sears has a large selection of small storage boxes to tuck away in the trunk of your car. You'll also find durable ones big enough to stock heavy duty equipment in your pickup truck or trailer.


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