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Packing an empty gas can in your trunk is a smart way to prepare yourself if you ever run out of gas while on the road. Sears has a large selection of easy-to-use cans that can be a lifesaver in any kind of emergency. The range of sizes makes it easy to find the right one for you, whether you're in dire circumstances or this is how you refuel lawn mowers and other tools. You'll also find foldable, plastic gas cans that expand when filled with gas or motor oil, so you can save space in your garage or trunk.

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Get the right gas can to store your fuel or motor oil

Whether it's on a road trip or during your daily commute, running out of gas can be a scary experience. Instead of relying on a tow truck or roadside assistance, have a gas can ready in your trunk at all time. There are different sized cans, so you can opt for a space saver in your car. After filling up the can, you'll be able to get fuel in your car and back on your way.

Whenever you're driving through town or taking long rides on vacation, it's important to keep a gas can somewhere in your vehicle at all times. Most cans have siphons attachments, so you can pour fuel without spilling. Sears even carries cans from Briggs & Stratton that regulated the flow of fuel using a trigger on the handle. Some bigger gas can take up a fair amount of space. Fortunately, there are travel storage boxes to help you organize any emergency supplies in your trunk or backseat. Most of these boxes also include special dividers for tools, making any emergency task as efficient as possible.

Most manufacturer's sell car emergency kits that include small gas cans that save space in your trunk but still let you fill up enough fuel to get back on the road. Some of the cans are made of a collapsible plastic, which expands when filled but can be neatly stored away when not used. These kits also include other important materials that can get you out of any unexpected jam. You'll find everything from car jacks to jumper cables in these emergency sets.

Once you find the right gas can, make sure to grab other important supplies to ensure you and your passengers stay secure. Sears has wide variety of auto safety supplies to assist you in an emergency. You can get anything from electronic road markers to road flares so that oncoming traffic knows you're working on your car. We also have portable safety alarms so you can alert others if you're in serious danger.

Whether you need one in your car for emergency or in the garage to fuel your lawn mower, a gas can is always a sound investment. Sears has durable, plastic gas cans in various sizes so you can save space in your trunk or on your workbench. By having the necessary tool and something handy to store fuel, you'll be ready for any emergency.


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