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Your car not only can get you from point A to point B, but it also can reflect your personality. Instead of just buying tire gauges and tools for your ride, get license plates and frames from Sears that show off your passion or your hobby. Whether it's your favorite sports team or a witty saying you want to share with the other commuters, license plate covers come in a standard size that fit on the front or rear of any vehicle. You'll find frames that come in plastic, chrome and other materials, so they can properly complement the rest of your car's exterior.

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Customize your car with license plate frames from Sears

There are many ways you can use your car to express yourself. For instance, if you're someone that likes elegance, chrome trim and edging always do the trick. However, one of the easiest ways to customize your vehicle is to install license plates and frames that suit your tastes. Sears carries a wide variety of license plate frames that include everything from fun phrases to creative designs. No matter if you're going for style or supporting your favorite team, we have the perfect license plate covers for your car.

Not every car comes from a dealership with license frames, and if it does, they are typically bland. If you want something that is a little more creative and suits your personality, install a pair of customized license plates and frames to go on the front and back of your vehicle. If you don't have the right kind of license plate bracket to support your frames, make sure to get a new bracket and fasteners beforehand. Whether your car is cruising on the open road or tucked underneath an outdoor car port, your new license plate covers are sure to turn heads.

There are various designs and materials you can choose from when selecting license plates and frames. You'll find everything from heavy duty, designer chrome frames to affordable plastic frames. Both kinds are strong enough to handle the constant grind of your daily commute. Sears carries special steel license plate covers from Siskiyou, which include college sports' logos and automotive manufacturer symbols to match any emblems and nameplates on your vehicle.

License plates and frames aren't the only way you can flaunt your fandom or sense of humor. Make sure you grab a travel mug with a team logo, funny slogan or political message to show everyone in your carpool or at the office. Sears has other kinds of accessories, including key chains, floor mats and dashboard ornaments that can express your personality.

Not everyone likes to have ordinary features on their car. Whether you want to display your passion or add flair to your vehicle, specialized license plates and frames are sure to do the trick. Sears has a large selection of plate frames that are sure make your car, truck or SUV stand out from the rest.


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