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You might carry lots of different cargo back and forth on a daily basis. If you keep most of it in your pickup truck, there is always the risk of equipment getting damaged from rolling around. In the worst case scenario, it can completely fall off the flatbed. Don't risk losing precious gear. Secure any size cargo carriers with tie downs, straps, bars and nets from Sears. You'll also find emergency straps strong enough that they can even haul cars out of the snow or mud. Having the right tie downs or straps in your vehicle at all times can help you in most situations.

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Tightly fasten your cargo with car straps from Sears

Whenever you're storing lots of cargo in your car or pickup truck, it requires some organization. Tie downs, straps, bars and nets not only help you neatly pack a wide assortment of equipment, but they also help secure whatever you need to haul. Sears has tie downs and straps durable enough to keep your gear harnessed safely on a flatbed or in a trunk. If you have smaller items that you pack in a trunk, we also have cargo nets and bars to prevent anything from getting damaged.

There are different kinds of straps you can choose from to make sure your cargo stays put. You'll find bungee style straps or ratcheting tie downs you can manually adjust to fit snugly around any equipment. Sears carries various cargo carrier accessories from Lund, including nets, storage bags and bungee straps. From lumber to large gas cans, you'll find the proper tie downs and straps to keep everything securely fastened.

While it's important to secure bulkier equipment, consider keeping smaller equipment held down during the ride as well. Your jumper cables, flashlights and other emergency accessories can be safely strapped in your trunk using a sturdy cargo net. Tie downs, straps, bars and nets don't just have to be used in the car. Tie downs are perfect for bundling items in your shed, outdoor car port or garage. Using straps to package up different objects is useful because it can save plenty of space, leaving room for other equipment.

Some heavy duty straps are also strong enough to help tow other cars or recreational vehicles. For instance, there are tie downs that can help you pull another vehicle out of the snow or mud. You can use the emergency strap on its own or with the aid of a car lift on the back of a pickup truck. Make sure to grab tie downs that are long enough to reach your vehicle or to wrap around your cargo properly.

Whether you're keeping daily cargo secure or stashing in-car supplies for a dire emergency, tie downs, straps, bars and nets are always good to have in your vehicle. Sears has a wide variety of durable straps to keep everything in your trunk or on the back of your truck tied down for the long haul.


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