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Having a clean car interior is always important to you, but sometimes accidents happen. Repair any tears as soon as they happen with vinyl and leather repair kits from Sears. Most kits come with supplies to help mend holes by blending the patches smoothly into your original leather or vinyl material. There is no need to take have interior re-upholstered by a professional at a high cost. Just find the right leather or car upholstery repair kits to fix any burns, cuts and scratches on your seats or headliners at a fraction of the cost.

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Restore your interior with vinyl and leather repair kits from Sears

Having clean leather seats always brings out the best in your vehicle. However, leather tends to wear over time and can become an eyesore if not maintained properly. The more trips you take, the more your leather seats become susceptible to scratches. Sears has a wide variety of vinyl and leather repair kits to rejuvenate your car's interior. You'll be able to fix any damaged piece of material, including seats, roof lining and floor mats.

Whether it's natural deterioration or scratches from your pets, you need the right supplies to repair your interior. Sears has a large selection of vinyl and leather repair kits to repair small rips on both bench and bucket seats. These kits help restore leather or vinyl by using grain paper and color filaments. Using an iron for heat transfer, the granulated patch should blend in smoothly with the rest of the interior.

Tears don't only just happen on your seats, but they can also happen on your dashboard or headliner along the inside roof. For instance, certain stick-on air fresheners use a strong adhesive that could damage the vinyl on your dash or headliner. Both parts are made of stronger, tighter leather, and any damage will be noticeable if they're full of unwanted rips and scratches. Make sure to fix these immediately with kits that can reinforce these weak spots and give your interior a clean look.

Some rips require more extensive work. Sears carries top-of-the-line kits to get any difficult job done. For instance, the Heads Up Rip Repair Kit comes with heat-transferred paper, multiple color tubes, a mixing tray and spatulas to create a flawless blend. You'll find plenty of accessories to get the job done. If you also have damage on the exterior, make sure to revamp it with dent removal tools or replacement body parts.

It's important to fix any damage on your leather or vinyl interior before it gets worse. Having your car seats repaired or reupholstered by a professional can be very expensive, especially if they are made of genuine leather. Sears can help you get the job done on your own at a fraction of the cost. Choose from a wide assortment of vinyl and leather repair kits so your interior can look good as new.


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