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Automotive Basics

Automotive Buying Guides - Research Before You Buy

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Find basic equipment for your car at Sears

Cars that come from the factory aren't always equipped with everything you need. Whether it's a brand new car or a recently restored ride, you're going to need some basic automotive equipment. Find anything from car alarms to automotive manuals to emergency items for your vehicle. Sears carries a large selection of automotive basics for any car, truck or SUV. You'll always be ready with the right tools, books and accessories to handle any commute.

If you have an older vehicle, mechanical components can give out at any time. One of the most important electrical systems in your car is the security system. Without properly functioning car alarms and locks, you run the risk of theft. When small repairs need to be made, don’t hesitate to get replacement parts from Sears' vast collection of alarms, locks and security parts. Find complete power locking kits for doors, trunks and lift gates so your car is protected at all times.

Technology is a vital aspect of your life, and there are some electronics you just can't live without. We have a wide variety of other car electronics to keep your devices going throughout the entire trip. These chargers and adapters transfer power from your car battery through the 12-volt outlet or USB port in your vehicle. You'll find reliable car chargers that can save your cell phone battery from completely draining while you're away from a wall outlet. Do you have a portable MP3 player with all your favorite songs? There are also connectors that can both charge and play songs off almost any device.

From trips around the block or across the country, you need to have equipment that can get your out of any jam. Make sure to keep various emergency and travel items in your car at all times. Sears has a large selection of gear ranging from car jacks to motor oils to help you out. If you're looking for something more extensive, pack a car emergency kit in your trunk to tackle anything unexpected. You'll even find many different types of brake fluids and additives to help improve your car's performance for the trip ahead.

Every car needs automotive basics to have it run smoothly on a daily basis. Sears has everything from emergency items to electronic devices to prepare you for any commute. Be equipped with top-of-the-line equipment from brands you know and trust.