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      Give your car a boost with battery accessories from Sears

      You get into your car after it's been sitting in the cold all day, but when you go to start it up, nothing happens. In most cases, your car's battery might need to be jumpstarted. Don't be left stranded in the cold. It's important to have battery accessories handy so you can always be prepared in any emergency. Sears offers a wide variety of accessories so you'll be back on your way in no time.

      The most common way to power up your battery is by hooking jumper cables to it from another source of power. Cables are compact enough to store in your trunk so you can pull them out whenever you need to jumpstart your or a friend's vehicle. This pair of thicker, insulated wires is equipped with either steel or copper alligator clips at the end. The clip handles are usually red and black, with the red going on the positive charged terminal and the black going on the negative terminal. Your jumper cables can be hooked up from the drained battery to either a powered battery or another power source. Sears has cables from top of the line brands like Die Hard, Plus Start and Rally to give your car the jolt it needs to start again.

      Jumper cables aren't the only way you can get your car back up and going. Whether you're on the road or your driveway, portable power devices also can recharge a drained battery in the nick of time. Like cables, it has built in wires with clips that hook on the car battery to give the necessary jolt. Sears has portable power boxes small enough to save space in your garage or tuck away neatly in the trunk.

      You might have a special sports car that sits in storage during the wintertime, but you can prevent the battery from draining before it comes out of the garage. Maintain full power in the off-season with a proper battery charger so it's ready to roar once the weather warms up. The right kind of charger doesn't only charge your car battery, but it also can keep your lawn and garden equipment powered up when it's time to transform your yard in the spring.

      A battery is not just used to start your car, but the lights, accessories and all other electrical equipment rely on a maximum power. Whether it's a small pair of jumper cables for an emergency or a battery charger to keep your vehicle powered up, Sears has you prepared for any circumstances with a reliable choice of battery accessories. Whichever device you choose, you'll have your car, truck or SUV running like a charm again.


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