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      Jumpstart your car with a battery charger from Sears

      No one likes being stuck because of a dead battery. Fortunately, there are different devices that can bail you out and get your vehicle moving again. A battery charger is great for reviving your vehicle as quickly as possible. Sears has a large selection of car battery chargers and maintainers from quality brands like Die Hard, Schumacher Electric and Rally. You'll find different kinds of chargers able to jumpstart any car, truck or SUV battery.

      Each charger comes in various sizes and has different uses. Some are a bit smaller to fit in your car or on your workbench while others are on wheels and can be plugged into your garage outlet. The two most popular battery chargers are fast and trickle chargers. Fast battery chargers are meant to power up your car quickly in an emergency while trickle ones are designed recharge a battery for a longer period of time. A trickle charger is perfect for charging your recreational vehicle's marine battery while it's away in storage. That way your RV is ready to handle a long road trip.

      Most battery chargers can be used to charge equipment and machinery other than cars. You'll find chargers that can boost up drained down batteries on your boat or recreational vehicle when it's idle. Worried about having a dead lawn mower or garden tractor battery once winter is over? Sears has battery chargers that can also jolt any lawn and garden battery you need to revitalize your yard once the season changes.

      A drained battery can usually be restored with the help of chargers, jumper cables and other devices. However, if you notice your car struggling to start frequently or the electrical equipment randomly gives out during a ride, your battery might have already run its course. Typically, you should be thinking about replacing it every three to five years. When the time comes, Sears carries a wide range of car batteries and battery installation accessories to help you get the job done as quickly as possible.

      Your car or garden equipment can't stay idle forever. Make sure it's battery is receiving the right surge of power, with a reliable battery charger. Whether you're looking to maintain a charge or provide emergency power, Sears has a wide variety of chargers to get the job done.


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