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      Whether you are listening to music on your MP3 player on the ride home or need to have your cell phone handy, it's important that your electronic devices are always charged up and ready to use. Keep your devices powered up at all times with inverters from Sears. An inverter is simple to use and draws power from your car battery through the cigarette lighter. Some come equipped with standard outlets and USB ports to handle both everyday electronics and other kinds of equipment you might bring on a long distance road trips. Have your devices fully charged with the right inverter in your car.

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      Keep your devices charged with inverters

      You're always using your cell phone for work, to talk with family, and as a GPS. It's important your phone and other electronic devices you own stay charged even when you're driving. Sears carries a large variety of inverters so you can always have maximum power. Inverters use the battery power through your car's direct current (DC) outlet so different devices can stay fully charged at all times.

      Some cars have multiple DC outlets, but the most common one is where the cigarette light is found. An inverter plugs directly into the outlet and takes power from your vehicle's battery. Similar to a portable power pack, inverters are compact so you can store them away neatly in your glove compartment or other small cargo spaces when they aren't in use. Sears carries different car power inverters that can save some space while they're being used. Think about grabbing an inverter that fits in the cup holder so the cords from your different devices are nestled neatly.

      While saving space is always ideal, longer trips might require something bigger to charge more electronics. For instance, if you're taking the family on a cross country road trip in a recreational vehicle, look for a heavy duty car power inverter with wattage as high as 6,000 watts. Larger inverters have more outlets and USB ports to support laptops, power tools and even different kinds of specialty RV accessories. They even power video game consoles, so the kids can stay occupied while you get where you need to go.

      While power inverters can run any device from most kinds of batteries, you should be cautious that you don't drain down the one in your car. If you use an inverter with higher wattage to run multiple devices, there is a higher risk of lowering battery power. Deep cycle and marine batteries are equipped to withstand heavy duty electronics better than standard car batteries. Consider using high watt power inverters in a larger vehicle like an RV or on a boat, since both have a stronger battery to handle multiple devices at once. Make sure that whenever you use an inverter to recharge your car battery every 30 minutes by starting up the engine so it doesn't drain.

      Everyone needs to have their devices ready even when they're on the go. Don't be left in the dark with a dead cell phone or MP3 player. Make sure to grab the right kind of inverter to keep your phone and other electronic equipment going while you hit the road.


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