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      Give your car battery a jolt with jumper cables

      A dead battery is not something you can always anticipate. Sometimes, it happens by accident. You might leave your headlights or the inside dome light on while you go into work, but when it's time to go, the battery is drained. Jumper cables are always great to have when an emergency strikes. With a little assist from a friend or another power source, jumper cables can give your battery the boost it needs to get your car back on the road.

      Whether you're a mechanic or someone with little to no knowledge of cars, using a pair of jumper cables is simple. The only thing you need is a car or secondary power source to hook your dead battery up to. Remember to hook the red clips to the positive terminals and black clips to the negative terminals. Additional instructions can always be found in your owner's manual or with the cables you purchase in a car emergency kit.

      Jumper cables can be found in complete kits or on their own. Sears carries cables from reliable brands like Die Hard, Plus Start and Rally, and many of them are small enough to store neatly in your trunk until you need to lend a helping hand. You'll find traditional cables beginning at 12 feet and heavy duty ones at around 20 feet. Longer jumper cables come in handy whenever a car might be parked out of reach to jumpstart, so you won't need any specialty accessories or tools to get give a dead battery a boost.

      Your car isn't the only thing that might need to be jumpstarted. After a season of little to no use, the lawn and garden battery in your ride-on mower, garden tractor and other yard equipment drains. Battery chargers are the best at maintaining power to machinery that is stored away in the off months. However, jumper cables are a useful alternative when hooked up to a compatible battery. Be sure to jumpstart your equipment using a battery with similar voltage to prevent any damage.

      From garden equipment to your car, jumper cables are a necessary to have on hand in emergency situations. Drained batteries shouldn't muddle up your entire routine. Sears has high-quality cables to give you the jolt necessary to jumpstart your battery.


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