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Get your car cranking again with a portable power pack

Whether you're stuck in a cold parking lot or are in your driveway, a drained battery can be a pain to deal with. While jumper cables can do the trick, you might not have anyone around that help you jumpstart your car. Don't be stranded by a dead car battery. A portable power pack cuts out the middleman to bail you out anytime. Sears carries portable power supplies from top brands like Die Hard, SOLAR and Wagan so you can get back on the road.

Portable power packs are simple to use on any vehicle make and model. Each kind features cable ends with steel or copper alligator clips to hook on your battery terminals. Standard portable power devices come in different peak amperage levels, starting at 250 to as high as 3,200 amps. Higher amps are ideal for larger vehicles like trucks and RVs. When you use the jump box, make sure to turn it on after applying the clips to the correct terminal so you avoid a potential catastrophe.

From car batteries to batteries on various lawn equipment, Sears has different types of portable supplies to help you out. For example, the Die Hard Gold Portable Power 950 Jump Starter jump is equipped with direct current (DC) outlet and USB ports to charge anything from laptops to MP3 players. We also have devices, like the Wagan 500 Amp Jump Starter, that come with a built in air pump to fill up your car tires when needed.

No matter what you use your portable power box for, it's small enough to store away neatly in the trunk or rear cargo space of your car. You can also keep a jump box on the corner of your workbench in the garage to charge your heavy duty power tools or the power sport battery inside your prized motorcycle. Wherever you keep it, these portable power supplies are a great space saver that can able to get the job done in a hurry.

Be prepared at all times with only the best portable power supplies from Sears. Drained batteries can spoil an entire day and leave you stuck waiting on others to help you out. Avoid ruining your day any further with high-quality jump starters that will have you back on your way as soon as possible.


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