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      Get your new car battery up and running with installation accessories

      When it comes time to replace your car battery, you need to have the best kind of tools and components to get the job done. Whether you're trying to put in a new battery or make small repairs or improvements to an existing one, Sears offers a large selection of high-quality battery installation accessories to help. Find any installation accessory to get your car performing at its peak again.

      One of the most vital accessories to install on a new or existing battery are cable ends. The positive and negative battery cables run from the engine block or starter to their respective terminals so your car gets the electrical power it needs to run properly. Cable ends are fastened to the connectors, and they tend to corrode over time from outside moisture and acid that leaks from the battery. Make sure the terminals are cleaned off with a powerful base, like baking soda, so you can tightly secure the ends to the battery as easily as possible.

      If your current battery is still functional but the terminal connectors are rusted, consider replacing them. Sometimes, they can be salvaged by cleaning them with baking soda or a solution of water and cola. However, if the connectors have corroded to the point where they are almost damaged, Sears carries both side and top terminals to accommodate your specific battery. You can also use different connector to convert battery usage. For instance, you can install marine terminals onto car or truck battery to use it as a boat or RV marine battery.

      While corrosion is something that can't be prevented, remember to clean your battery frequently with a reliable base or solution so it doesn't get out of hand. Another way to protect your battery from outside elements is by encasing it with a battery box. Boxes not only stop excess corrosion, but they also prevent your car's battery from overheating and freezing. This helps extend the battery life and ensure optimal performance.

      Whether you're repairing your battery or replacing it, make sure to have the right battery installation accessories to complete your project. Connecting a new car battery on your own doesn't take too long and is cheaper than having a mechanic do the work and charge you higher labor costs. All that is required are a wrench and flathead screwdriver and the right battery and accessories to get your car going again.


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