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      The weather and day-to-day wear from your commute affects many different parts in your car. However, the battery takes a significant toll unlike any other component under the hood. Moisture build-up and acid spills can cause it heavy rust, which can ultimately leave you stranded with a dead battery. Prevent corrosion and other potential problems by covering it up with a battery box from Sears. Whether you're trying to protect a standard automotive battery or deep cycle marine battery, a battery tray and box is perfectly suited when your car, SUV or boat is outdoors.

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      Protect your vehicle's battery with battery boxes from Sears

      Over time, your vehicle's battery endures a lot of stress. Batteries gather rust from corrosive acid or water that seeps out under the hood, which can affect performance and shorten battery life. Any acid that trickles from the battery can also harm other parts within or near the engine block. Installing a battery box is one the best ways to prevent damage to your car's battery and its other components.

      Whether it's under the hood, on a boat or sitting by itself in storage, a battery is always sensitive to climate and different conditions. Battery boxes can help protect anything car, boat and lawn mower batteries from freezing in cold weather or overheating in sweltering temperatures. Boxes and battery trays can also help reduce corrosion on the battery connectors and other surrounding parts.

      Since a battery box is equipped at handling all kinds of elements, it's constructed to keep a car battery in top condition. However, if you accidentally leave the headlights on or constantly charge electronic devices, this might cause your battery to drain. Whenever you need to charge your battery, all you need to do is pop off the lid and apply any chargers or battery accessories to the terminals. While a box is a bit bulky, you should still be able to properly remove the cover and have enough room to put on jumper cable clips in case of emergency.

      These components are also commonly used for boat and yacht batteries since there is a greater chance of water rusting and damaging the battery. It's important that the terminals, cable ends and battery cables stay in great shape so you are not left stranded at sea with a dead battery. Marine battery boxes are used to cover both the trolling and starting battery on your boat, which both need to be in top shape to get peak performance on the water.

      Whether you're hoping to ward off corrosion or just want to keep the battery on your boat dry, Sears carries all types of battery boxes to get the job done. Choose from standard plastic boxes to aluminum models equipped for almost any car or marine battery. Each is designed to help fend off snow, rain and other moisture throughout the year.


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