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      Get your vehicle cranking with a replacement car battery

      Whether it's driving the kids to school or getting back and forth to work, your car is used on almost a daily basis. That is why you want reliable parts under the hood, and the most important component that resides there is the battery. A car battery is responsible for powering up the starter, lights and ignition system. It also acts as an equalizer that absorbs a dangerous amount of voltage from your vehicle's electrical system, protecting your car from electrical charges that can cause damage to other vital parts. With a top of the line battery from brands like DieHard and Plus Start at Sears, your car will be back in peak performance in no time.

      Before you purchase a car battery, it's important to do a little bit of research ahead of time. If you live in cold weather climates, think about looking into the cold crank amp (CCA) rating and reserve capacity (RC) of any potential battery on your shortlist. The CCA measures the power of the battery in colder conditions, so the higher the CCA rating, the better it responds in freezing weather. A higher reserve capacity rating is also vital. The RC tells you the battery's ability to provide power for your car's electrical equipment if the alternator were to fail. Both ratings are something you should consider before buying the right car battery.

      You might be trying to find different ways to go green, and you can do it with your car battery too. A gel cell battery is the perfect environmentally friendly alternative because it's sealed shut with gelatin mixture of sulfuric acid and silica, which is made of a sand-like substance. Traditional batteries usually corrode around the connectors and in other spots. A gel cell battery is durable and sealed tightly, so its substances don't leak or spill out easily. Another safe substitute for your car is an absorbed glass mat battery. These car batteries are spill proof and use a glass mat to hold the electrolyte inside. Both cost a little extra, but are a great long term solution and better for the environment.

      Your car isn't the only thing that requires high quality battery power. Make sure to keep an eye on the batteries in other motorized equipment like golf carts, tractors and boats. Sears has you covered with these specialty batteries, including power sport batteries for your lawn mower and marine batteries to keep your boat powered up for your next fishing trip.

      Your car is a valuable part of your life. Keep it cranking smoothly with only the best kind of car batteries. Sears have dependable batteries in stock that give you the power to get your vehicle back on the road.


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