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      Power any yard equipment with new lawn and garden batteries

      It's a terrible feeling that is all too familiar. After a long winter, you pull out some of those trusty lawn supplies to start your outdoor spring cleaning. However, after multiple startups, that lawn mower or garden tractor isn't running. Don't let a dead battery stop your from trimming bushes or cutting the grass. Sears carries lawn and garden batteries from reliable brands like Diehard and Plus Start to keep your equipment motoring.

      Your push or riding lawn mower is one of the most crucial landscaping devices you own. Like your car, its battery can eventually give out after years of constant use. If you notice your mower struggling to start after a few times you fire it up, think about replacing the battery soon. No one likes seeing their grass grow too tall, so having it out of commission for a long time is not a realistic option. Find the right specialty or powersport battery to get your specific lawn mower back up and running.

      If you're maintaining more acreage than a typical yard, you might require a lawn or yard tractor to help you finish your landscaping project. Sears also has an abundance of batteries for lawn tractors of any make and model. Having the right kind of battery on your tractor is important because it is built to cut through thicker grass and weeds on larger pieces of land. It also handles other responsibilities, like fertilizing bigger lawns. Since it's built to handle a heavier work load than your typical mower, you need find a battery that is built to last so your lawn tractor is always ready to roll.

      No matter how big the lawn is, your mower or yard tractor most likely sits idle in the garage or shed during the winter. Just like your car, sometimes your lawn and garden equipment might need to be jumpstarted after staying dormant in freezing temperatures. Make sure that after you find a corresponding lawn and garden battery to grab a battery charger or portable power box to charge it up back to full strength so you don't miss a beat.

      Whether it's mowing the lawn or trimming the bushes, your yard is something you always love to work on. Having fully operable tools are important to maintain its beautiful appearance. Make sure you're firing up your equipment with the best lawn and garden batteries so your yard stays in pristine condition.


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