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      Keep your boat afloat with a new marine battery from Sears

      Your boat is your baby, which is why you spend lots of time making sure it's properly maintained. However, it's sometimes easy to forget about the battery when you're always making sure it's clean and properly tuned. Don't leave yourself out of the water or stranded at sea because of a dead battery. Sears carries a large selection of marine batteries from top brands like Die Hard that fit any kind of boat.

      Much like a car battery, the battery in your boat experiences similar malfunctions when it begins to expire. If your boat is having trouble starting up or requires frequent charges, then it's probably time for a new marine battery. There are three main kinds of marine batteries: starting, deep cycle and dual purpose. Starting batteries provide basic power to your boat while dual purpose and deep cycle marine batteries help power both starting and trolling motors. If you plan on using your boat's trolling motor to run other accessories, then dual purpose and deep cycle batteries are the best choice. However, a starting battery is perfect if you just plan on taking out your boat to fish or just lounge on the water. These kinds of batteries are not only used in boats, but they can also be installed in RVs.

      If you choose a deep cycle marine battery, remember that they are constructed to use up or discharge most of their power. That means you should also find a proper battery charger to fully recharge it. When charging a deep cycle battery, remember not to recharge it after only a bit of usage. While you might feel you are giving it maximum power, this method will actually give your marine battery a shallow charge. Make sure you choose the correct kind of battery for your boat based on how often you use it. That way recharging it properly won't be an issue.

      There are specialty marine batteries you can go with as well. Gel cell and absorbed glass mat (AGM) marine batteries are a great green alternative and are built to last longer than standard boat batteries. Both are sealed tightly to keep electrolyte and any harmful contaminants from leaking and corroding the battery's terminals or connectors. While they tend to be more expensive, gel cell and AGM marine batteries are great long term solutions and better for the environment. You'll end saving more money in the long run by not having to replace quicker than standard lead acid batteries.

      Whether you want to enjoy some downtime at sea or are itching to catch a couple of fish, your boat or yacht gives you the peace of mind you deserve. Make sure you have a high quality marine battery to keep your boat running strong. No matter what kind of boating battery you choose, Sears has you covered so your vessel starts performing at its peak again.


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