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Automotive Buying Guides - Research Before You Buy

Power up your car or motorized equipment with a new battery

When shopping for new car batteries, you can depend upon Sears to deliver the best selection to ensure that you and your family are able to safely travel to the places you need to be on a day-to-day basis. From Diehard to Schumacher starters and Chrome motorcycle batteries, we stock what you need to get on the road with confidence. You'll find a wide variety of automotive battery designs, features and grades that gives your vehicle the best in reliability and performance.

There are many types of batteries suited for different vehicle and seasons. Choose from a wide selection of flooded batteries to handle any commute. If you're looking for something a bit more durable, consider installing an absorbed glass mat or gel cell battery to withstand harsh weather conditions. These models are typically built to last longer than flooded batteries.

Automotive batteries not only run a vehicle, but they also can power riding mowers,, boats and other power sports vehicles. From lithium-ion batteries for smaller garden tools to the hard-driving lawn and tractor automotive batteries, you can be sure that your tractor or mower will do the job when you need it. When you bring out your lawn mower or recreational vehicle after it's in storage all winter, make sure you have portable power packs to charge the battery up if needed.

For heavy-duty users, commercial-grade car batteries will give you power where you need it most, providing several years of dependable starts in the most difficult climates and conditions. To avoid getting stuck with a dead car battery,  consider keeping automotive battery chargers and jumper cables in your trunk.

Whether it's for your car or boat, it's important to have high-quality batteries. Sears carries durable auto batteries to get your car or equipment running smoothly.