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      Your vehicle will look its best with car styling parts

      Your car still performs with the best of them, but there's something missing. Maybe your exterior has suffered typical wear and tear over time, or the original manufacturer options just don't live up to your expectations. Sears has a wide variety of car styling components to transform your car's appearance. Car body styling is the perfect way to update the look of any car without sacrificing the ride you already love.

      Every car gets scuffed up from time to time, but major scratches or rust spots on the exterior can be embarrassing. It's especially common to have damage in this area from fender benders or even wayward shopping carts in the supermarket parking lot. Thankfully, you'll find a wide selection of replacement bumpers for any vehicle make and model. For instance, Sears carries a special line of bumpers from Fey for larger pickup trucks and SUVs, so you can get them back to hauling in no time.

      One of the best ways to make your vehicle stylish and restore shine is by installing body mold and trimming on the exterior. Chrome molding can be placed on the doors or along the edges of your trunk, hood and headlights. Sears carries Dee Zee chrome pillar posts, which can be universally fitted to any kind of vehicle and are easy to install. Once you stick it on with strong adhesive, the trimming creates a sleek look that both reinforces these spots against outside elements and protects the edges from chipping.

      Some body styling equipment doesn't just boost your car's appearance, but can also keep you safe. For example, if you drive a larger pickup truck or SUV, you might need some help when checking your blind spots. Choose from a large selection of blind spot mirrors to help avoid potential collisions. We have other equipment, ranging from grab bars to jeep doors, to keep your ride as safe as possible.

      Body styling projects can cost you thousands at an auto body shop. Most of these repairs and enhancements can be done on your own at a fraction of the price. Sears has a large selection of high-quality exterior car styling materials so you can get any exterior project done efficiently.


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