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      All vehicles come from the factory with a uniform look to match the rest of the product line. However, you want your car to stand out from the rest. Sears carries a wide variety of body kits to give your exterior that special look you desire. Each kit specializes in rejuvenating different areas of your car. You'll find custom body kits that can help you transform anything from your bumper to the doors. No matter whether you drive a domestic or foreign vehicle, get the right kit to create the car of your dreams.

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      Refurbish your ride with body kits from Sears

      Not everyone likes the stock parts and options that come standard on their car. Aftermarket parts can go a long way toward transforming any run-of-the-mill vehicle into something stylish. Sears has a large selection of body kits with components to touch up your car's exterior or give it a thorough upgrade. You'll find custom body kits that specialize in overhauling different parts of your car.

      Aside from the occasional scratches, your vehicle experiences some amount of constant wear and tear. If you live in areas that experience snowy winters with heavily salted streets, your car is more susceptible to rust. This kind of damage to your car's doors, hood or trunk is very glaring since these portions are in plain sight. Fortunately, Sears has a great collection of truck and car body kits specifically designed to repair or replace these sections on your ride.

      Body kits are also great for taking preventative measures against scratches or other kinds of harm to the exterior. Sears has kits that include anything from roll pans for the bottom of your rear bumper to rocker panels for your doors. Rocker panels are installed at the bottom of your doors to keep the paint from chipping. They are constructed of durable materials to handle the debris or dings your car might collect sitting in a parking lot.

      Other than the doors, your vehicle's side view mirrors are always prone to getting cracked or scratched. There are custom body kits that include replacement mirrors to match other parts of your car's exterior. However, not only are there kits for minor adjustments, but there also ones for complete body overhauls. You'll find car and truck body kits suited for specific vehicle makes and models as well as ones catered for performance. For instance, carbon fiber body kits use a lightweight material to give your ride better acceleration along with an appealing look. This body material is also durable to brace against any scrapes or light damage.

      Having a body shop repair your car's exterior can cost you an arm and a leg. Whether you're just doing a slight touch-up or wholesale changes to your car, Sears has body kits that are equipped with the necessary parts and components to get the job done.


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