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      Give your car a sleeker look with car trim from Sears

      One of the best ways to improve the appearance of your ride is by adding new car trim to its exterior. Car molding can highlight spots of your car that might seem a bit bland. Sears has a large selection of side body molding for your car, truck or SUV. All you need is strong adhesive, so your restoration project will be as simple as possible.

      Car trim can go just about anywhere on your car's body that needs a facelift or added durability. Customize your taillights, bumpers or side panels without a major professional overhaul. Car moldings also come in different colors and textures that suit your taste. Chrome trim always blends well with any body trim panels and covers. Sears carries the Dee Zee line of chrome post pillars, which creates a fancier look along your car's doors and windows. You'll also find standard black trim, which helps complement lighter colors and can be painted to match any exterior.

      Car molding not only boosts your car's appearance, but it also helps reinforce certain portions of your vehicle. One area that takes quite a beating on a daily beating on a daily basis is your car doors. Side body molding and trim can act as a great door edge guard to prevent paint chipping whenever you open your door near any hard surfaces. Remember to match it with any other trimming on the exterior to create a uniform look.

      Most kits comes with plenty of extra trim, so make sure to also add some to your vehicle's trunk or car hood. The molding will protect the edges from scuffing and create a uniform look on the rest of your vehicle. You can even use some of that extra molding inside your car by sprucing up your dash, car radio or other parts of the interior.

      Whether you're restoring an older vehicle or improving a newer one, body molding and trim always is an easy way to transform any car. Having an auto body shop add chrome finish can cost hundreds or even thousands of dollars out of pocket. Sears' selection of car trim is both affordable and easy to install so you can get the job done at a fraction of the cost.


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